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Movie Review: The Wolverine (2013)

The movie The Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman in the title role, of course. He is reprising his role of the virtually indestructible X-men character to which he seems quite well-suited. According to the earlier story, not only does the Wolverine have an adamantium skeleton (making it virtually indestructible), but he heals at an incredible rate and he has stopped aging. So, Wolverine has a unique problem: he can’t die. And that sets the backdrop for the whole story.


The movie begins with a flashback to World War II. Wolverine is held captive near Hiroshima (or was it Nagasaki?) on the day the bomb is dropped. He rescues a lone Japanese soldier from near certain death, and basically survives a nuclear blast (although he is partially shielded by the hole he’s hiding in). Fast forward to the present day, the lone Japanese soldier is now an old man named Yashida who has built a powerful corporate empire. He is now dying. So, he summons Wolverine to Japan and makes him an offer; Yashida will use his technological prowess to transfer Wolverine’s long life and regenerative abilities to Yashida. This will allow Wolverine to live a natural life and finally die in peace. Yashida, who is dying, still feels he has much to accomplish and wants an extra lease on life. They will both benefit. Wolverine, however, declines the offer.  Shortly thereafter, things start to go wrong. Wolverine is attacked by a woman named Viper—she’s a highly intelligent mutant with many snake-like abilities passing for a doctor in Yashida’s lab. Then, Yashida dies and there is an assassination attempt on his granddaughter. Wolverine intervenes and stops the assassination attempt, but is wounded in the process. This time, however, his wound does not heal. And so a deadly adventure of intrigue and mystery begins involving ninjas, mutants, and corrupt businessmen.


Strengths: the movie held my interest throughout. The action was good; the plot was good, as was the acting. There were a number of clever ideas, and it was refreshing to see Wolverine showing some limits and vulnerability. Weaknesses: I did not like who they chose for the ultimate bad guy. Although it made the story a complete and coherent logical whole, it just seemed to spit on the whole notion of gratitude. Also, the so-called (and related) twist at the end was kind of predictable. Still, it was a good movie.


I’ll give the movie The Wolverine four stars out of five.


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