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Movie Review: Pompeii (2014) (4 *’s)

Pompeii is an interesting concept for a movie. It’s basically a complete fiction of the events surrounding the destruction of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius. It tells an interesting little tale with the impending destruction of an entire city as the backdrop. So, in a sense, especially with the love story, it’s kind of like the Titanic of a number of years ago. The only actor I recognized in the movie was Kiefer Sutherland who played a corrupt, scuzzball Roman Senator. It was supposed to star Carrie Anne-Moss of Matrix fame as well, but I never noticed her. Perhaps, she was the young lady Cassia’s mother. Not sure, though. All the other actors were new to me.


Anyway, the story begins with the slaughter of a Celtic clan by a legion led by the future Romon Senator (Sutherland), Corvus. The only survivor is the resourceful young boy named Milo who survives by playing dead. Unfortunately, he is captured a short time later. Years pass and we find Milo a gladiator in one of the Roman outposts in Great Britain (or whatever it was called at that time in history). He is quite effective and deadly. As a result, he is shipped with many other slaves to a less remote spot in the empire, namely Pompeii. On the way, there is a brief encounter with Cassia, a young Roman lady who is returning to Pompeii from Rome. They have a brief moment together, when she helps him put down an injured horse. From there the story evolves, following Milo’s experiences in the new arena and Cassia’s harassment by now Senator Corvus. They (Milo and Cassia) manage a few more brief moments together to strengthen their growing attraction. This, of course, earns the enmity of Senator Corvus who is obsessed with Cassia. Then, as everything starts to go to pot, Mount Vesuvius erupts and utter chaos and destruction come flooding down through the city. Can Milo and Cassia escape from the doomed city and the evil Senator? Or are they doomed as well? You’ll have to watch the movie … cause I ain’t tellin’!


Strengths: the plot was good, the acting was good, the special effects were good. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I wasn’t expecting much, but it did prove to be worth the while. They spun an engaging tale out of whole-cloth that kept me interested. Weaknesses: there were one or two things that were just outside the bounds of probability. But those were minor. Regardless, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.


I’ll give Pompeii four stars out of five.