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Movie Review: Riddick: Rule the Dark

Riddick: Rule the Dark is the third installment in the series of movies chronicling the adventures of outlaw and fugitive Richard Riddick played by Vin Diesel. The movie begins a short while after the last ended. It provides a brief flashback to fill in missing details. Apparently, Riddick has been betrayed as Lord Marshal of the Necromongers and left stranded on a desolate planet full of vicious creatures.


The first half hour or so just follows Riddick and his struggles to survive on this hostile world. Then he finds an old mercenary outpost and sends a distress beacon. The beacon summons two different ships, both bent on capturing or killing Riddick. But Riddick, being the ultra-alpha male, just starts picking them off one at a time. After he’s killed three, he approaches the mercenaries to try to work out a deal because he knows a rain storm is coming and with it, a horde of nasty monsters that come out in the bad weather. His deal with the mercs turns sour, and, amazingly, Riddick is captured. When he comes to, the mercenaries begin to interrogate him. But then, the rain storm hits and with it come the nasty critters. The mercenaries decide they need Riddick’s help to face these formidable creatures. Together, can they brave the horrors this world has in store for them and Rule the Dark?


Strengths: this movie was a testosterone filled action movie. The things they had Riddick do were, more or less, impossible, but it was still cool. I mean, he starts the movie with a broken leg, which he fixes by wrenching back into place. Seriously? Still, it was cool watching Riddick repeatedly outsmarting and taking out the mercs one at a time, and then kicking butt against the monsters. Weaknesses: well, as I suggested above, I think they made Riddick too superhuman, too awesome. It took, I think, three horse-strength tranquilizers to take him down. Again, that’s a bit much if you are going for “realism.” Finally, there is some nudity in the movie (that’s not necessarily a weakness, just a viewer warning—of course, it is rated R, but there is a shot of full frontal nudity). Anyway, on the whole, I think this movie ranks about as well as the first (Pitch Black). My favorite in the series so far is #2: The Chronicles of Riddick.


Overall, I’ll give Riddick: Rule the Dark three and a half out of five stars.