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Movie Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

Percy Jackson returns to the big screen in this latest adaptation of a novel from the popular series; here, he and his friends embark on a quest into the fabled Sea of Monsters in search of the famous Golden Fleece. Several years ago, the young Thalia, daughter of Zeus, was killed in a battle with several Cyclops, but Zeus managed to spare her life by transforming her into a tree. Now, she serves as protector of Camp Half-Blood, home to all the children of gods and mortals, by maintaining an impenetrable barrier around the camp. But Luke, the villain of the first movie, is not done with Percy Jackson or his friends. He poisons the tree and the barrier begins to fail. The only way to save Thalia and the camp’s field of protection is to heal the tree with the Golden Fleece. So, the camp sends out Clarisse, the daughter of Ares to retrieve it. Then, Percy Jackson and his friends embark separately on their own quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece and save the camp.


Soon, Percy finds himself in a race against time to acquire the Golden Fleece before Luke. Luke has plans of his own for the Fleece, and they don’t involve healing trees. No, (spoiler alert) he is intent upon resurrecting Chronos, the arch-titan and father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. If he is successful, ruin will come upon the Earth, and not even gods will be able to save it. It is up to Percy and his friends to thwart the coming chaos. But, even as the child of prophecy is Percy up to the task required of him?


Strengths: the special effects in this movie were good—but that’s to be expected as it was a big budget film; the acting was fine; the plot held together well; and the lessons it taught were admirable. Weaknesses: well, I thought there was a bit too much humor in the story. I don’t mind humor, but I went to see a fantasy action/adventure film, not a comedy. The three taxicab witches in particular, I found tiresome. Also, and more significantly, my impression of Percy’s friend, Annabeth, changed from the first movie. It was the same actress, but the character portrayed seemed to change. In the first movie, she was a confident kick-butt warrior. Here, she seemed little more than a sidekick. And that, I thought was a crucial flaw.


Ultimately, though, the movie was still enjoyable and I’ll give it three and a half stars out of five.