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Movie Review: Frozen (2013) (4 1/2 *’s)

One of the latest Disney flicks to hit the big screen is Frozen. It’s an animated film starring the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Jonathan Groff. None of whom have I heard of. Still, it’s a Disney film, kid-friendly … so, I decided to review it for my blog.


The story is unusual in that there really isn’t a really bad guy up until the very end. The plot revolves around a misunderstanding, or perhaps, a foolish fear that separates two inseparable sisters at a very young age. The sisters are Anna and Elsa both princesses of the kingdom. Elsa is the older sister, so she is the heir. But she has a secret. Ever since birth, Elsa has had the power to summon cold and frost, to conjure ice from thin air. Unfortunately, though, she can’t control this power. At a young age, she injures her sister in an accident. As a result, with the encouragement of her parents, she swears off using her powers ever again, hoping she will learn to control them. Well, her reasoning is clearly flawed, because if you never use your powers, you will never learn to control them. But neither her nor her parents realize that. In any event, her parents eventually die and leave her the kingdom. On the day of her coronation, her sister, Anna, meets and falls head-over-heels in love with a visiting young nobleman named Hans. They decide to get married. But Elsa, having a much cooler head, will not give her blessing because the two “lovers” have only known each other for less than a day. In a sisterly spat, Elsa’s powers are revealed to Anna and the whole kingdom. Feeling upset and vulnerable, Elsa flees into the mountains. But the incident plunges the kingdom into eternal winter. Now, Anna must venture into the mountains after her sister in the hopes she can lift the terrible spell.


Strengths: it’s a classic Disney flick, so it’s good family entertainment. There’s an interesting little twist on the standard “love will break the spell” trope. Despite the lack of a bad guy for much of the movie, there was good tension, plot, and dialogue and I found the movie quite interesting. Part of me wishes that they’d done the whole movie without a serious bad guy, just to see if it would have worked out well. Weaknesses: I kind of liked the character that turned into the bad guy prior to the transformation, so I don’t quite know how to feel about that. Other than that, I don’t recall any major weaknesses. Well, maybe the love story was a bit too complicated and its nuances might be lost on the young audience to whom the movie was targeted. There was lots of song, but that’s to expected from a Disney flick. In the end, I enjoyed this movie quite a bit.


Overall, I’ll give Disney’s Frozen a whole four and a half stars out of five.