The Sceptre of Morgulan

SceptreMorgulan_ebookcoverBook II in my exciting fantasy series, From the Ashes of Ruin, is the dark fantasy novel The Sceptre of Morgulan.

Coragan of Esperia has another job to do. Can he and his companions capture the Sceptre of Morgulan and prevent an apocalypse? Or will Korina outmaneuver them again and escape with the prize? So much hinges on the efforts of so few—if they fail in their quest, if the evil witch Korina the Black succeeds, she may gain an unrivaled power over the forces of darkness; a power she will not hesitate to use.


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Book Blurb:

Ruined Castles. Powerful Artifacts. And Dark Demonic Cults. Return once again to the world of Athron where vampires walk and goblins abound. Join in the struggle to save a world from the machinations of a dark sorceress who continues to grow in power. Explore ancient ruined castles, battle vampires and demons, strike down cults from on high, and prepare for the coming of Morgulan, the tyrant of the past.


The Coils of an Ancient Evil are Drawing Close; A Cult of Demons is on the Move: Korina Bolaris continues in her efforts to take over the city of Drisdak. Her loyal recruits are growing in number, strengthening the cult she has made. Her ancient pet vampire has finally become her ally, not her foe. And one by one, her enemies are suffering the consequences of her wrath. In one fell swoop, Korina Bolaris has put Guild Master Regecon and Sorceress Ambrisia on the defensive.


Who Can Break This Witch’s Ancient Power And Bring Her And Her Deadly Demon Cult Low?

Coragan of Esperia is in prison, facing execution, unless he can win his way to freedom with clever rhetoric and the bold support of the truth. Galladrin and his companions still hunt the deadly cult, but can they unravel its evil webs before their friend and leader, Coragan, falls prey? Borak is ready, but he’ll need more than brawn alone to bring these enemies down. Gaelan, the companions’ latest recruit, is torn between love and honor: which will lay claim to his soul?Ambrisia and Regecon find themselves at the head of this group of adventurers. It is up to them to guide them and set them on course for the next step in their quest: recovery of the Sceptre of Morgulan—a weapon of immense power, once wielded by the dark tyrant from the past, Morgulan himself. And there are others: Gilliad, Agyrra, and Kurgish. All must learn to put aside their differences in this ultimate test of their skills and training.


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