The Children of Lubrochius

ChildrenBook I in my exciting fantasy series, From the Ashes of Ruin, is the dark fantasy novel The Children of Lubrochius. The Children of Lubrochius is the sequel to my first novel, Drasmyr,

Once again, Coragan of Esperia is called upon to find a vanished mage. A new evil is on the rise in Drisdak, and only he can stop it. But is even he prepared to face the cult of demon-worshippers that stalks men and grows stronger by the night? Or will he find himself on an altar as the next victim of an unforgiving god?

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Book Blurb:

Sorceress, Vampire, Demon God … The Enemies of Good Abound. In this, the exciting sequel to Drasmyr, Coragan and his companions face a new enemy, a crafty sorceress with the power of magic at her beck and call … not to mention a sinister vampire. Now, Coragan must enter a world where the darkness holds threats from both the living and the dead, and any man who stands his ground may not live to see the dawn. Korina Bolaris is a young and talented sorceress who has captured a powerful vampire and is coming into her own. She works her terrible magic in secret, and day-by-day gathers minions to serve her and her demon god, Lubrochius. Hers is a silent evil, gaining strength amidst the shadows, preparing to strike when the time is right.

She Controls a Vampire with her Magic and Speaks to Demons: Can this Sorceress be Stopped? Once again, the wizards of Drisdak call on Coragan of Esperia, the bounty hunter, and his two companions: Galladrin the Rogue, and Borak the Warrior. It begins with a simple missing person investigation, but the more the men learn, the less clear things become, and soon they find themselves drawn into the sinister machinations of a sorceress who wields magic with unprecedented ease and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Into this mix, comes the young man, Gaelan Durragonn, the only survivor of a village razed by goblins. Gaelan is seeking a new life. He takes on a job as a simple guardsman, but soon his own yearning drives him into greater things: he finds himself a mercenary at Coragan’s side, confronting a dark and sinister evil that is spreading like the plague. Find out if, together, they can outwit the sorceress Korina Bolaris, her magic, and her terrible vampire ally. Scroll up and purchase your own copy now!


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