prism_ebookcoverPrism is a stand-alone fantasy novella (and the first novella I’ve ever written) that tells the story of Akarra, the young Shardshaper Apprentice of the Ishod tribe. Like the other members of her tribe, she is a quartzian, a being whose body is fashioned of segmented quartz. Her master, Yridia, is very sick, and she must prepare to go on her Heartquest and receive the mantle of Shardshaper. The Chieftain assigns the task of protecting her to his son, Thaygos, the he-quartz she loves. On their journey together, they must acclimate themselves to Akarra’s predicament: for now, Akarra must decide between Thaygos and her position in the tribe. Shardshapers cannot marry; they must remain at the disposal of the tribe.

Prism can be found at the following locations on-line (As of 1/10/2017, Prism is available for free everywhere except Amazon–where it costs $0.99):

Book Blurb

The Cavern. A Place of Myth, Magic, and Mystery: In a world of fantasy, a place of enchanted quartz crystals and sinister beings of shadow,  live a magical people as strong and hearty as the crystalline rocks from which they have been fashioned: they are the Quartzians: A people secluded, distrustful of outsiders yet noble of spirit and magnanimous of heart.

Noble Akarra is Apprentice Shardshaper and Maker of Prisms: Can She Master the Magic of the Mythical Heartshard? The young apprentice Shardshaper, Akarra, seeks to control the mythical Heartshard—a fragment of a greater crystal known as the Heart Crystal–and its magic. With the mythical prism in hand, Akarra can shape and bend light, and through that alter the shape of the many quartz crystals that surround her—it is a powerful magic indeed. But will that be enough to see her through her Heartquest? For it is a journey of great peril, a fantasy quest which will change her, shape her, and force her to choose between her destiny as Shardshaper and the he-quartz she loves: the Chieftain’s Son, Thaygos. Find out more now. Download Prism the latest fantasy fiction by Matthew D. Ryan.