Of Dragons, Love, and Poison

OfDragonsFINALCorrected Of Dragons, Love, and Poison is a collection of three short stories I released to the public in mid-February, 2014. It is a stand alone collection unrelated to either Drasmyr,  The Children of Lubrochius or The Sceptre of Morgulan.

Of Dragons, Love, and Poison: The king’s daughter and her younger brother have vanished and the warrior Thrigon is tasked with finding them. Can he unravel the web of lies and dark magic surrounding their abduction? Or will he find himself a victim to the same power that claimed them?

The Red Archer: Return to the land of Athron in this exciting tale that pits the world’s greatest archer against a master thief.

Fate Unchained: In this tale, a young prince is denied his birthright by an inauspicious augury. Now an adult, the young prince must confront his younger brother for the crown of the kingdom and its ultimate fate.


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