Published Works

Here you will find links to some of my more significant published works on the web:

Short Stories:
Haladryn and the Minotaur published at Pegasus On-line (now defunct).
Sacrifice published at ??? (it was several years ago and I lost the paperwork–my bad).
The River’s Eye published at Yesteryear Fiction.
Escape published at Aphelion.

Drasmyr: A dark fantasy featuring vampires, wizards, demons and more. It is the first novel I ever wrote and it is the prequel to my upcoming series: From the Ashes of Ruin.

The Children of Lubrochius: A WIP (work-in-progress) due out in April 2014. It is Book I in my series: From the Ashes of Ruin.

Short Story Collection:
Of Dragons, Love, and Poison: Three tantalizing tales of adventure and derring-do.

10 thoughts on “Published Works

  1. Ginny

    Your book “Drasmyr” sounds interesting. I want to see if hubby will read it, too. He’s more the fantasy reader, I like the vampires.

    1. atoasttodragons

      The vampire is more of a traditional vampire like Dracula as opposed to something like “Twilight.” But the setting is a kind of a LOTR world. So, please… be my guest and download it.

  2. affinityoftime

    Your novel sounds really great! I’d love to read it. Are your short stories available online anywhere to read, as well? Would you happen to have a goodreads account, too? They’re pretty great, in my opinion. I’ve found a few good authors off the site.

  3. hippiechickamblings

    Sounds intriguing. I’m always interested in a new perspective of the vampire, and am a bit “old school,” on my perferences for these creatures of the night. I like my vampires creepy, no preppy.


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