What’s New

Welcome to my What’s New page where you can stay abreast of my writerly activities. I’ll be updating the page on a periodic basis, so check back often.

To my loyal readers: I’ve been a bit lax in updating this page. The last time I did it was on 4/6/2014. It’s now 9/21/2014. Nearly six months. Sorry about that. I’ve had a rough time these past few months. I had to struggle to keep writing, let alone keep updating this page. So, going forward, I’m suspending the updates on this page. I repeat: I am suspending the updates on this page. I’m not stopping writing at this point, nor am I discontinuing maintaining this web-site. My blog will continued at a lessened pace: I intend to only post once a week or so, at least, for a while. I am spending less time on this web-site and more time on my writing.

Anyway, the good news is that I have completed The Sceptre of Morgulan as of 11/10/2015.


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