It’s Out! The Sceptre of Morgulan is Now Available!

The wait is over. The Sceptre of Morgulan is now available as an ebook and a pbook as of today. It can be found on-line at the following ebook retailers:

SceptreMorgulan_ebookcoverSmashwords (ebook)
Amazon (ebook)
Barnes and Noble (ebook)
Kobo (ebook) (hardcover)

Yes, Book II in my series, From the Ashes of Ruin, is now available. Previously, you have borne witness to Drasmyr, the prequel, and The Children of Lubrochius, Bk. I. Now, I give you Bk. II, The Sceptre of Morgulan. Book II continues the story where Book I left off.

Dark Cults. Ruined Castles. And Ancient Magic: The ingredients of life in Athron. The ancient cult of demon worshipers known as the Children of Lubrochius has grown numerous and strong. Can they lay claim to the artifact their leader, the sorceress Korina, longs for: The dreaded Sceptre of Morgulan? Who can stop this devilish sorceress with her eye on the city, the sceptre, and more?

Regecon and Ambrisia fight to restore their guild. Coragan of Esperia is imprisoned and facing execution. Galladrin, Borak, and the others are caught up in a desperate game to prove Coragan’s innocence and bring down the ancient demonic cult that framed him. But all that is distraction and shadow. Even as each of the heroes struggles with his and her tasks, The Children make their move. And if they are successful, nothing will be able to stop them.