Notice: I’m Looking for Book Reviewers

Hi All,

This is an open request to any fantasy fans out there. I have previously published two novels: “Drasmyr” and “The Children of Lubrochius.” “Drasmyr” is the prequel to my series “From the Ashes of Ruin,” and “The Children of Lubrochius” is Book I in that same series. I’ve completed the final draft of Book II “The Sceptre of Morgulan” and I’m looking for reviewers. If you have read the prequel and Book I, great, I’m hoping you will consider reading Book II and reviewing it for me in exchange for a free PDF copy (ebook only). If you have not read any of my books, I’d like to recruit you to review all three: “Drasmyr,” “The Children of Lubrochius,” and “The Sceptre of Morgulan.” I know that’s a lot of books and they are all 100k+ words in length, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the series and it will be worth your while. The deal will be the same as above: free ebooks (all 3) in exchange for an honest review of each (although “Drasmyr” is free for everyone). If you start reading the series and decide you don’t wish to continue, let me know and I will drop your name from my list of reviewers. No hard feelings.

Just for your information, although a vampire has a major role in this series it is not a romantic role. The vampire in this series is evil; he’s kind of my sinister alter-ego. It is nothing like “Twilight.” The series as a whole could best be described as a cross between “Dracula” and “The Lord of the Rings,” or perhaps an AD&D style story. Additionally, you should be informed that I am planning two more books for this series, so that in the end it’ll be a four book series with a prequel, or five books in all.

I would ask that all reviewers post a review on Amazon and on Smashwords. Especially Smashwords.

If you are interested, send me a DM on Twitter: @MatthewDRyan1. Then we can exchange e-mails and go from there.

Thanks in advance.

Matthew D. Ryan
Author of “Drasmyr,” “The Children of Lubrochius,” and “The Sceptre of Morgulan.”