Of Dragons, Love, and Poison

I know, I know, I know … I’m in the middle of releasing “The Children of Lubrochius” so I should probably keep my eye on one target at a time. But I couldn’t resist. This week I uploaded a collection of three short stories to both Amazon and Smashwords. The title of the collection is “Of Dragons, Love, and Poison.” I kind of dig that title. Here’s a look at the cover:


And here’s some of the backcopy for each short story:

Of Dragons, Love, and Poison: The king’s daughter and her younger brother have vanished and the warrior Thrigon is tasked with finding them. Can he unravel the web of lies and dark magic surrounding their abduction? Or will he find himself a victim to the same power that claimed them?

The Red Archer: Return to the land of Athron in this exciting tale that pits the world’s greatest archer against a master thief.

Fate Unchained: In this tale, a young prince is denied his birthright by an inauspicious augury. Now an adult, the young prince must confront his younger brother for the crown of the kingdom and its ultimate fate.


So, if you like my writing, feel free to purchase a copy and write a review. I’d be very grateful. The collection can be found here on Smashwords and Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Of Dragons, Love, and Poison

  1. Alex

    Cool! Congrats. I’m about to take a break from Thucydides for a bit to try to read Drasmyr, since I desperately owe you a review for it (I got bogged down in January a lot with some Batman trades, my fault again.)

    What’s the source of that dragon art in the background? I feel like I’ve seen it before.

    1. atoasttodragons Post author

      You may have. It’s from one of those ?open license? sites for art. I picked out the major elements of the cover, and I hired a woman (Digital Donna) to blend them together. I think the site I got it from was http://www.dreamstime.com or something like that.

      1. Alex

        Cool. Anyway, I finally got around to starting Drasmyr. I’m only a few pages in so far, but it has been excellent. The prologue left me feeling somewhat uncomfortable; while it’s a scene that has played out similarly in fiction before, the way you conveyed it was one of the few times I really felt chilled and disturbed by it. Good job!


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