Old Movie Review: The Call (2013)

The movie, “The Call,” although fiction, isn’t really fantasy or sci-fi; but, I’ve said it before: this is my blog and I’ll review whatever I want to. Anyway, “The Call” starts with an interesting concept for a movie. It stars Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin as 911 call operator Jordan Turner, and teen abductee Casey Welson, respectively. But first, let’s back up and give the background.


The movie begins with Jordon at her desk answering 911 calls. All is fine, until one goes horribly wrong. It is a call from a young teenage girl who is frantic because someone is breaking into her house. Jordan answers the call and does her best guiding the girl to safety. Unfortunately (spoiler alerts ahead), they are disconnected and Jordan makes the mistake of calling the girl back. As a result, the prowler is alerted to the girl’s presence and the girl winds up dead. Fast forward, six months later. Jordan, who has moved from active duty to a teaching position at the center, finds herself through an unlucky chain of events once again taking a 911 call from another unfortunate teenager (Casey Welson) who has been abducted and locked in the trunk of a car. Again, Jordan tries to help the young girl, doing her best to guide her to safety. It is a hair-raising ride. People get killed. And soon, Jordan realizes that the man who has abducted Casey is the same man responsible for the death of the young teen Jordan failed. Things fluctuate, taking turns for the worse and turns for the better as the story progresses. Eventually, Jordan takes matters into her own hands while off-duty and hunts the perpetrator down.


Strengths: this movie had a lot going for it. First, it was a kind of unusual premise for a movie (at least, I thought so). The acting was good, the action and tension were well-paced and well-constructed. There were no major flaws in logic that I noticed.  And, of course, it had Halle Berry … who is just smokin’ hot! Flaws: I can only think of two flaws, really. First, some of the characters (the victims and such) did some really stupid things which, of course, led to their quick demise. Finally, my biggest complaint is that at the end, Jordan and Casey pretty much take justice into their own hands. True, the perpetrator was a wacked-out dirtbag, but we have courts and a legal system for a reason. Still, it was a pretty good movie.


I’ll give “The Call” four stars out of five.

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