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Blurb Blitz Blog Tour: Stop #14

My blurb blitz blog tour for my vampire fantasy novel, Drasmyr, continues today. Every day until July 19th, I’ll be visiting a variety of blogs across the Internet where promotional material for my book will be posted consisting of a blurb and an excerpt, or so. At the end of the tour, one of the commenters on the tour (the tour sites, NOT AToastToDragons) will win a prize. Today we have: Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog ( Please check them out and show them your support.

And check out the sponsor of the tour:

2 thoughts on “Blurb Blitz Blog Tour: Stop #14

    1. atoasttodragons

      I think there were a couple spikes here and there. So far I’ve gotten a 5* review out of it. But I’m not sure there was adequate ROI. Hard to say. It does keep my name and book out there. But this is like my fifth tour for the same book so the ROI might not be as high on it. I don’t regret doing it and I intend to do several tours for the sequel. You should probably do at least one to get your own feel for it. One issue is the genre. Fantasy doesn’t have a lot of blog exposure and I tend to get lumped in with vampire erotica (which Drasmyr is not) a lot.


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