Half A Movie Review: Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part Two

<Spoiler alert>One of the duties I have as an author is to post on various blogs throughout the Internet, opining about this or that, to try to attract some traffic to my web-site and blog and  hence to increase downloads of my book. With that in mind, I have made fun of Twilight on numerous occasions, primarily because, as a guy, it is fun to make fun of that particular series. I’ve never read the books, and up until the other night, I’d never seen any of the movies. Well, some of my nieces wanted to see the latest film, if for no other reason than to see what all the fuss is about, so I went with them. I did this not only to give myself some more credibility when I make fun of them (which I only do in a half-hearted way; I know people who like the series and as I haven’t read it, I really can’t judge beyond saying that romanticizing vampires in that way seems strange to me), but also to check out the competition in the world of vampires. Personally, I prefer Drasmyr over Edward Cullen for a number of reasons. Anyway, I saw the movie. I have certain psychological issues that interfere with my cognitive functioning and they’ve been acting up lately. Still, I did my best to focus on the story, and it just seemed tedious and kind of sappy up until the big battle at the end. The battle was actually kind of cool and exciting; it made some of the more tedious parts more worthwhile. But then you find out the battle never happened. What a let down! I guess I’ll give the movie two stars. It just was not my cup of tea.

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