Drasmyr Crosses 1000 Download Mark

It happened in the midst of my book review blog tour last week. Counting both Smashwords and Amazon (Amazon mostly), my book Drasmyr has been downloaded over 1000 times. Thanks to everyone involved, from the reviewers to the readers. I hope everyone who reads my book enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

For those interested, I am currently about two chapters away from completing the first draft of the next book. It will still need a lot of revision, but hopefully, I’ll be able to release it sometime in February 2014 (one year and a few months from now). That’s the plan anyway. Wish I could pump it out sooner, but books are a lot of work to write. And bouts of depression do not help.

10 thoughts on “Drasmyr Crosses 1000 Download Mark

  1. Steve

    Congratulations! I’ll be reviewing Drasmyr sometime this fall – hopefully before the end of summer but no promises. Can’t wait to read the second book!

    1. atoasttodragons

      Thanks. (You know, sometimes computers can be really stupid. It won’t let me say thanks by itself because that’s a duplicate of another comment. Makes me want to punch it.) Anyway, thank you.


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