Blog Tour: Stops #10, #11, and #12

Drasmyr Blog Review Tour

Check out the Drasmyr Blog Review Tour.

Its August 31st and my blog tour for my vampire fantasy novel, Drasmyr, finishes up today. So far we’ve had a good number of reviews and a guest post or two. To wrap things up today, we have a pair of reviews and a guest blog:

Stop #10: Lindsay’s Scribblings

Stop #11: Review: The eBook Reviewers (WARNING: Adult Content Site)

Stop #12: Guest Post: Zombiegirl Shambling

Please check all three out and show them your support. Also, check out the company that promoted the tour: Goddess Fish Promotions. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Stops #10, #11, and #12

  1. Shawn

    Thanks a lot for posting on my blog! I must say, I love the name of your blog. A toast indeed! To all of the Smaugs and Shimmerglooms of the world! I noticed The Way of Kings by Sanderson in your Goodreads. I bought that book by chance because the store accidentally had a 30% off sticker on it and it was AMAZING! I’ll keep checking you out for more good stuff!


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