Experimental Promotion: Drasmyr Now Available for Free

The dark fantasy novel, “Drasmyr” is now available for free at Smashwords until Friday, June 22nd with the coupon code: DR66V.


When I first started my blog several months ago, I was dead set against giving my e-book away for free. It seemed so counterproductive. Indeed, I am still somewhat hesitant to do so; the book represents several years of labor on my part. I would prefer to earn some kind of financial reward for my book, but let’s face it: I have very little name recognition. Matthew D. Ryan… who’s that? Between twitter and my blog, I have about one hundred followers to date. Which is good—it’s certainly better than ten, or say, zero—but I have to grow a little faster. Sales are sluggish, partially because of the lame economy, I’m sure. Anyway, now that I’ve been at this a few months, I can more clearly see the “reward” inherent in giving the book away for free. Basically, it helps build name recognition, something a beginning writer desperately needs.


So, given that, I’m going to run a little experiment. For the next few days (until Friday, June 22nd), I’m going to give the book away for free at Smashwords. The coupon code is: DR66V.  I will see if the increased number of sales is significant enough to make this a more permanent retail price. If not, then I guess it’s back to the drawing board. But, well, we’ll see…

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